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All our lilies are grown with natural fertilizers and high quality mud and burned soil to ensure a clean and beautiful touch to any pond or set up.

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We know how it feels to spend money on something only to be disappointed by false promises. All our lilies will only be shipped when they are flowering. Period.

Purple Water Lily

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Our First Floor Water Lilies

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Water Garden Essentials from Singapore

Betta Breeding Pair Fish – Buy Now – Singapore

  • You get a pair of healthy male and female Betta Fish or Siameses Fighting Fish. A total of 2 Betta Fishes for your aquarium or pond setup.
  • Our First Floor Bettas in Singapore are bred young and we only provide fishes that are of no more than 1 year old.

Betta Fish (Crown-Tail Variant) – Buy Now – Singapore

  • You get a healthy male Betta Fish or Siameses Fighting Fish.
  • Our First Floor Bettas in Singapore are bred young and we only provide fishes that are of no more than 1 year old.
  • FREE DELIVERY TO ALL LOCATIONS IN SINGAPORE – no need to come down to your local fish shop- Just order through …

Fish Pond – All-in-One – Singapore

  • You get a purple water lily ready for introduction to your water feature.
  • You get a 65cm X 70cm Traditional Chinese Blue Pot
  • You get 3 bunch of Flowering Water Hyacinths
  • You get 10 small livebearing fishes (mixed)
  • You get 3 submerged Aquatic plants – Amazon Swords/ Anarchis/ Java Fern
  • Our First Floor water lilies …

Water Hyacinths

  • You get a bunch of flowering water hyacinths ready for an introduction to your water feature.
  • Our First Floor water hyacinths in Singapore are maturing plants with a few expecting flower buds. You can expect blooms within the first days to a week of planting in your pond!

Solar Powered Oxygen Air Pump

Description: Item type: Oxygen Pump Usage:

1. Long press the power switch (press for 3 seconds) blue light, which began to play oxygen, this time for the long-term oxygen mode,

2. Press the power switch (press 1 times) Oxygen mode is switched to intermittent Mode, (stop for 2 seconds, oxygen cycle mode for 8 seconds),

3. charge Battery: 3.7V/3600 mA …

What Our First Floor family say

Dont take our word for it. Take theirs.
Andrina from Carousell

Andrina from Carousell

Garden Enthusiast

"Super responsive and nice sller. Was searching for purple water lilies, but all the nurseries I went could not guarantee that theirs were purple. Extremely happy with the flowering water lily I got. Thanks for all the valuable advice."

Wen Min

Wen Min

NUS Medical Student

" Thank you for the water lilies. Did not expect them to flower so quickly and readily. Highly recommended for anyone looking to brighten up their garden and living spaces."

Elaine from Gumtree

Elaine from Gumtree

Mother of Two

"I am truly impressed by the resilience of your lilies. Especially since it has been flowering the moment I have got hold of it, even after re-potting it multiple times. Lucky I found you."

Micheal Our First Floor buyer

Micheal from Carousell

young father of three

"Very nice and friendly young seller. Seller also very kind to deliver it all the way to our house, gave a lot of freebie and explained so well how to care for the plant. It was a fuss-free and pleasant transaction! Will definitely recommend and get more from seller. Thank you very much!"

Desmond our first floor

Desmond Teo

Owner of a very nice pond

"Awesome seller. Travel all the way to my place and even gave me advice on my existing water lily. Know his stuff well."

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