Our First Floor

In all that we do, we believe in developing a sense of peace, a state of calmness, to be better versions of ourselves. 

We believe in living differently. 

We believe in living better.

In these stressful and demanding times, it is easy to get caught up with work and the rat race, sacrificing our mental well-being in the process.

Here at Our First Floor, we believe in restoring that state of tranquility by incorporating nature into  your home, turning it into a natural setting designed for retreat after a long day.

We just happen to be the best at it. 


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Our story

Starting out humbly as two friends, wanting to brighten their own homes with water gardening, Our First Floor aims to share the joy of nurturing with everyone. We found that water lilies are the perfect candidate for our mission, as they are strong, beautiful and a perfect symbol for the values we live by. Emerging from dirt, water lilies sprout upwards, never ceasing until they reach the surface. They establish their foundations in the form of their leaves, which absorb sunlight necessary for growth. In no time, a budding flower sprouts from beneath the water and blooms brightly, representing the rewards of unending tender care. 

Through the water lilies, we wish to give people a constant reminder to take proper care of themselves and their loved ones.

Stay happy, First Floor Family.

Our Mission

Our First Floor Family