Crystal Clear Pond

How To Own A Crystal Clear Pond With Zero Maintenance In 3 Steps

Tired of dirty waters and mediocre looking set-ups?
Not making full use of your outdoor Koi Pond?
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Unlock the Secrets to a Beautiful water Garden

how we achieved a crystal clear pond with plants!

Pond : Day 1
Pond : Day 2
Pond : Day 6
Pond : Day 10
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When the Lily Plant was first introduced to an empty water feature, the ecosystem has changed. The green waters containing free floating algae now has a competitor.

Day 2 of the Lily being in the pond, algae concentration has increased slightly due to small leakage of nutrients and fertilizer from the water lily's soil

Water becomes cleaner and clearer as a water pump is added as well. The constant water flow keeps the water moving preventing algae growth. The water lily has grown sufficiently and competes with algae for nutrients resulting in cleaner waters.

Day 10 of the Water Lily being in the pond. Photo was captured immediately after a small shower, as you can see the pond is almost crystal clear at this point. You are able to see to the bottom of the setup, and the blossoming of the lily adds a new dimension to a once boring pond.

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