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    Water Garden

    Fish Pond – All-in-One – Singapore

    • You get a purple water lily ready for introduction to your water feature.
    • You get a 65cm X 70cm Traditional Chinese Blue Pot
    • You get 3 bunch of Flowering Water Hyacinths
    • You get 10 small livebearing fishes (mixed)
    • You get 3 submerged Aquatic plants – Amazon Swords/ Anarchis/ Java Fern
    • Our First Floor water lilies …
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    Water Garden

    Solar Powered Oxygen Air Pump

    Description: Item type: Oxygen Pump Usage:

    1. Long press the power switch (press for 3 seconds) blue light, which began to play oxygen, this time for the long-term oxygen mode,

    2. Press the power switch (press 1 times) Oxygen mode is switched to intermittent Mode, (stop for 2 seconds, oxygen cycle mode for 8 seconds),

    3. charge Battery: 3.7V/3600 mA …

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    Water Garden

    Water Hyacinths

    • You get a bunch of flowering water hyacinths ready for an introduction to your water feature.
    • Our First Floor water hyacinths in Singapore are maturing plants with a few expecting flower buds. You can expect blooms within the first days to a week of planting in your pond!