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  • You get a healthy male Betta Fish or Siameses Fighting Fish.
  • Our First Floor Bettas in Singapore are bred young and we only provide fishes that are of no more than 1 year old.
  • FREE DELIVERY TO ALL LOCATIONS IN SINGAPORE – no need to come down to your local fish shop- Just order through us!
  • Reliable and consistent growth has been observed.
  • Once an order has been made a representative will contact you with a selection of bettas available for your choice and choosing.
  • 7 days money back guarantee*


Betta Fish (Crown-Tail Variant)

Betta Fish. Siamese Male Fighting Fish. These beautiful and exotic species come in many different names, but one thing is for certain. They look extremely elegant and graceful in the waters, in our everyday tanks and even at times our ponds. Their flamboyant show of aggression at the flaring of their gills is a sight to appreciate.

Our First Floor: Betta Fish – Siamese Fighting Fish

Introduce a new home to your very own Betta Fish or otherwise known as the Siamese Fighting Fish from Our First Floor to be ready for your pond in Singapore.

Words of Caution: Betta Fish

Contrary to popular belief, bettas are not well suited for living in an environment like a small shabby 15cm by 15cm glass container. Yes, they do survive but how would you feel if you were stuck in a 3m by 3m room? Well, the bettas thrive in freshwater with little to no water movement. Have an outdoor pond in a pot but only have guppies in it? Change the way you think by adding a Betta instead.

These Betta Fish will help keep your pond free of small insects, larvae and worms. Feeding mostly off a carnivorous diet, they ensure that your pond is free of those pesky worms, mosquitoes and larvae. Most importantly, their stunning display of colours and the shimmering tail is sure to keep you captivated and intrigued for days to come. Looking and fancy a challenge? For a limited time, get your hands on a special breeding pair and cultivate your own array of Betta Fry from scratch with our trusty hand guide book.

We will ship this vibrant, elegant beauty to your doorstep and help you with its installation for absolutely FREE! Why? Because we believe that everyone deserves to appreciate and admire the beauty of these majestic and simple fishes. Bettas are one of the best fishes for any beginner hobbyist here in Singapore.

But Wait

We only strongly advocate the raising of Betta’s in an environment that it can live freely and be happy in. Create a pond, make a set up big enough for it. Don’t. Please don’t cram this beautiful being into a small glass bowl, hm? They face enough trouble and suffering as it is, let’s be responsible owners, shall we?

Are Betta Fishes Suitable For Me

In Singapore, temperatures are warm and tropical mimicking the natural habitat of the Betta Fish – that of the muddy rice paddies in Thailand. Hence their name, the Siamese Fighting Fish. Keep them anyway in slow-moving, stagnant water, and they will do a good job at making your most boring setups intricate and unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Things Included
  • The Betta will be shipped straight to your door and convenience from our central breeding grounds to ensure that they are kept healthy and strong 😊
Frequent Concerns
  • Will it be aggressive and attack my other fishes?
    No, it does not. It typically only shows aggression to other males bettas, however, a show of aggression is typically normal as these fishes are aggressive by nature. Hence the flaring of their gills is a display of this aggression. 😊
  • What about mosquitoes?
    Bettas are natural mosquitoes hunters and thrive at keeping your setups free of these pests. 😊
Regarding Maintenance and Specifications
  • Is it easy to maintain?
    Yes, as a result? Minimal attention will be required on your end. Just a regular feeding of once a day is alright.  😊
  • Is my pond too deep/shallow?
    The more space the better. 😊
  • How big can it grow?
    Typically they reach sizes of only about 4 to 5cm 😊
Regarding Delivery
  • Is there a delivery charge?
    No, it is incorporated. 😊
Other Frequently Asked Questions
  • Able to accept PayLah!?
    Yes, of course. Whatever is more convenient for you. Feel free to contact us through our Contact Page to arrange for payment via external payment platforms 😊


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