Water Hyacinths


  • You get a bunch of flowering water hyacinths ready for an introduction to your water feature.
  • Our First Floor water hyacinths in Singapore are maturing plants with a few expecting flower buds. You can expect blooms within the first days to a week of planting in your pond!
  • FREE DELIVERY TO ALL LOCATIONS IN SINGAPORE FOR ORDERS ABOVE 30- no need to come down to your local nursery- Just order through us!
  • Reliable and consistent growth has been observed.
  • Zero subsequent maintenance and effort required for flowering.
  • 7 days money-back guarantee*
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Flowering Water Hyacinths

Ever passed by the Singapore Botanical Gardens and caught a glimpse of the beautiful, vast and captivating flowering water hyacinths and wondered how you can get hold of one?

Our First Floor: Flowering Water Hyacinth

Purchase some Flowering Water Hyacinth or scientifically known as Eichhornia crassipes to be ready for your pond in Singapore. This plant is shipped in a watertight container from our nursery locally to ensure that it will survive the long and arduous journey from water to land to water. Furthermore, it comes with instructions from Our First Floor‘s exceptionally prolific bloomer, often producing clusters of two or more flowers at once. We are also working on a short video course that will be emailed to you once we are done working on it! Simply send us a message via our Contact Us page with regards to this video course and we’ll send it to you at a click of a button!

We will ship this vibrant, elegant beauty to your doorstep and help you with its installation for absolutely FREE! Why? Because we believe that everyone should keep a flowering water hyacinth and have a Pond in a Pot at home.  Although some might argue that the water hyacinth is a relatively commonplace plant, it is rare to see them bloom as not all species are capable of bearing flowers. These hardy Flowering Water Hyacinth are the best flowers for any beginner water garden enthusiast here in Singapore, requiring minimal care and effort. If you have an outdoor pond or a backyard here in Singapore, get yourself a water hyacinth and it will thrive in the hot sun and add much-needed diversity into your garden. Furthermore, water hyacinths are fantastic nitrate absorbers and will keep your water quality at a quality suitable for your beautiful koi. Their roots stretch deep into the water and compete with algae for nutrients, so if you have algae problems, consider getting yourself one of this, if not you could always opt for a water lily as well.

Are these Flowering Water Hyacinths suitable for me

In Singapore’s hot and sunny weather, this plant will more than thrive. Another interesting fact about the water hyacinth is that it is a great detector for water quality, if you have fishes, the water hyacinth will be a natural (and cheap) indicator of water quality. Should the edges of the leaves start browning, you’d better start taking a good look at your pond set-up and check its water quality. Should the plant be multiplying like rabbits, then congratulations, you have a stable and healthy pond ecosystem.

So if you want a low maintenance plant, that has dual functionalities – being both aesthetic and practical, consider getting your hands on one of our water hyacinths Better yet, get yourself a water lily along with it as well and make your pond a happy place for the fishes you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many will you get?
  • At least 3 bunch. Please note, that NOT ALL will be flowering. Each flower last for only a few days, so it really depends on your luck! Our team will get in touch via WhatsApp after purchase to confirm
Frequent Concerns
  • Does the plant affect my fish?
    Yes, it does! It makes it a better place for them to live in 😊
  • What about mosquitoes?
    If you do not already have fishes I can give you some for FREE, just let us know 😊
Regarding Maintenance and Specifications
  • Is it easy to maintain?
    Yes, as a result? Minimal attention will be required on your end. Water Hyacinths in Singapore are generally easy to keep due to our climate and humidity in the air. 😊
  • Can I grow it in my pond/fish tank/bowl?
    Yes, you can grow anywhere with water. However, in order for the plant to thrive, strong sunlight is an important factor too!
  • Is my pond too deep/shallow?
    Anything deeper than 60cm is not advisable. However, anything shallower than 10cm is also not advisable.  With that being said the best range for the plant is 10cm to 60cm.😊
  • How big can it grow?
    As big as your pond/fish tank/bowl allows. The bigger the better! 😊
  • How long till it flowers?
    About 3 days to 2 weeks. Depends on your location and size of water hyacinth. For instance, if there is more sunlight in your area and it is constantly exposed to bright sunlight, it’ll bloom almost as soon as you plant it. 😊
  • Does it flower every day?
    Yes, at least 5 days a week. Moreover, if you treat the plant really well and it faces optimal conditions it could even flower EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 😊
  • Does it require sunlight?
    A decent amount of sunlight is good enough. Need not to be under direct sun although that would be good. For more information message me.😊🌸
  • I live in HDB can I grow it there?
    Yes definitely. 😊
Regarding Delivery
  • Is there a delivery charge?
    No, it is incorporated. 😊
Other Frequently Asked Questions
  • Able to accept PayLah!?
    Yes, of course. Whatever is more convenient for you. Feel free to contact us through our Contact Page to arrange for payment via external payment platforms 😊

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