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  • You get a purple water lily ready for introduction to your water feature.
  • Our First Floor water lilies in Singapore are maturing plants with a few expecting flower buds. You can expect blooms within the first days to a week of planting in your pond!
  • FREE DELIVERY TO ALL LOCATIONS IN SINGAPORE – no need to come down to your local nursery- Just order through us!
  • Reliable and consistent growth has been observed.
  • Zero subsequent maintenance and effort required for flowering.
  • 7 days money back guarantee*


Purple Tropical Water Lilies

Ever passed by the Singapore ArtScience Museum and caught a glimpse of the beautiful, vast and captivating purple water lilies and wondered how you can get hold of one?

Our First Floor: Water Lilies

Purchase some Purple Tropical Water Lilies or scientifically known as Nymphaea Nouchali to be ready for your pond in Singapore. This plant is shipped bare-root from our nursery locally. Furthermore, it comes with instructions from Our First Floor‘s exceptionally prolific bloomer, often producing clusters of two or more flowers at once. We are also working on a short video course that will be emailed to you once we are done working on it! Simply send us a message via our Contact Us page with regards to this video course and we’ll send it to you at a click of a button!

We will ship this vibrant, elegant beauty to your doorstep and help you with its installation for absolutely FREE! Why? Because we believe that everyone should keep a water lily for its symbolic and its uses (For more information on the symbolism and meanings behind these beautiful water plants, click here) These Purple Tropical Water Lilies are the best flowers for any beginner water garden/ water lily enthusiast here in Singapore. Even if you are not an enthusiast, this water lily plant is sure to brighten up and liven the atmosphere and add some much-needed greenery in your everyday household. In conclusion, these lilies will be the liveliest bloomer in your entire garden with the right care and conditions.

Are Water Lilies Suitable For Me

In Singapore, this variation of water lily is adaptable to all but the smallest pond and it thrives in waters that reach far and wide. Our First Floor Water Lilies are maturing plants in budding/blooming condition. Hence, you can expect blooms within the first days to a week of planting in your pond!

If you are wondering, these purple tropical water lilies will adjust to the height of your pond or water feature. As a result, simply leave them submerged and leaves will rise to the top within weeks. Firstly, tropical water lilies are excellent additions to water gardens, tub gardens and small ponds. Secondly, these tropical water lilies will outperform hardy water lilies by blooming, growing and staying up twice as much and long compared to hardy water lilies. And most importantly, this plant will thrive in the warm and hot temperatures of Singapore and be a perfect addition to any garden household or water pond. With that being said, what are you waiting for? Limited water lilies are available. Only available in Singapore at the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Things Included
  • Does it come with pot and soil?
    Yes, it does, it comes with fertiliser too.😊
Frequent Concerns
  • Does the fertiliser affect my fish?
    No, it does not. It actually helps the ecosystem. 😊
  • What about mosquitoes?
    If you do not already have fishes I can give you some for FREE. 😊
Regarding Maintenance and Specifications
  • Is it easy to maintain?
    Yes, as a result? Minimal attention will be required on your end. Water Lilies in Singapore are generally easy to keep due to our climate and humidity in the air. 😊
  • Can I grow it in my pond/fish tank/bowl?
    Yes, you can grow anywhere with water. As long as the rough size of the structure is 25cm by 35cm by 35cm. Depth x Width x Length. 😊
  • Is my pond too deep/shallow?
    Anything deeper than 60cm is not advisable. However, anything shallower than 10cm is also not advisable.  With that being said the best range for the plant is 10cm to 60cm.😊
  • How big can it grow?
    As big as your pond/fish tank/bowl allows. The bigger the better! 😊
  • How long till it flowers?
    About 3 days to 2 weeks. Depends on your location and size of lily. For instance, if there is more sunlight in your area and it is constantly exposed to bright sunlight, it’ll bloom almost as soon as you plant it. 😊
  • Does it flower every day?
    Yes, at least 5 days a week. Moreover, if you treat the plant really well and it faces optimal conditions it could even flower EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 😊
  • Does it require sunlight?
    A decent amount of sunlight is good enough. Need not to be under direct sun although that would be good. For more information message me.😊🌸
  • I live in HDB can I grow it there?
    Yes definitely. 😊
Regarding Delivery
  • Is there a delivery charge?
    No, it is incorporated. 😊
Other Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do you only have purple tropical water lilies?
    For the time being, yes as these are the most beautiful and long-lasting types of water lilies to have here in Singapore 😊
  • Able to accept PayLah!?
    Yes, of course. Whatever is more convenient for you. Feel free to contact us through our Contact Page to arrange for payment via external payment platforms 😊
Do water lilies need soil?
how to pot water lilies

These plants do need a good and healthy amount of soil in order to do well and thrive, although there is much debate about what specific type of soil is needed for it to do best. Based on our experience with water lilies, a general consensus is that they require a good amount of heavy clay loam (dark grey clay) to anchor the plant firmly into the pot and medium. Following which, an additional mixture of natural burnt soil will keep the overall potting procedure clean and result in a very neat and tidy set up when planted into the water, like in the image shown.

How do you look after them?

Our First Floor lilies have all been well treated with a healthy dose of fertilizers to ensure optimal growth and flowering before putting them up for sale. Take comfort in knowing that this is the only action required from you to ensure they thrive and continue to flower for the days to come. Ensure that it is placed in a location with sufficient space at least 60cm wide, 25cm deep and that there is a good amount of sunlight during the day for the plant to flower.

How long do water lilies live?

How deep should a water lily be submerged?

A depth of anywhere between 25cm to 60cm is optimal for these aquatic plants. These water lilies typically grow on the shallow riverbanks across Thailand and prefer slow-moving or stagnant waters with muddy soil. For best practices always ensure that the water level is always above the budding region of the water lily.

How much space to grow water lilies?

If you're in Singapore and have a large pot or container of at least 60cm in diameter and 25cm in depth, congratulations my friend you can now be a proud owner of your very own Our First Floor water lily. Of course, with that being said, the larger the space the better. But these dimensions are the bare minimum I would recommend.

Will water lilies affect my fishes?

Of course, they will! Your fishes will be extremely happy to know that there are some real aquatic plants near them. Lily pads provide cover from the heat of the sun and the growing buds underneath the water surface provides new surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow, aiding in the “cleaning” of your waters.

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