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All our lilies are grown with natural fertilizers and high quality mud and burned soil to ensure a clean and beautiful touch to any pond or set up.

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We know how it feels to spend money on something only to be disappointed by false promises. All our lilies will only be shipped when they are flowering. Period.

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Why does it cost so much?

If you find an option that delivers the same value for a cheaper cost, reach out to us and we will price match to the exact same numbers. Don’t compromise on the beauty of your home, get the best there is with Our First Floor.

Are these safe for fish?

All water lilies are 100% safe for fishes and are grown in all natural soil and mud with natural fertilizers that ensure a healthy flowering growth. In fact, I’d say your fishes would prefer an environment with these lives plants rather than one without.

What if I kill it?

So you’re new to this? Looking to get one of these beautiful babies home but you’re afraid it’s going to die? Well, fret not, I’ll trusty guides and blogs will help you along the way. Need more help? We’ll be down to help set it up for you. Take all the time you need to ask anything at all. 

7 Days flower money back guarantee

With our one of kind 7 Days Flower Money Back Guarantee, we’ll give you back 100% of your money without questions asked. No flowers? No blooms? Contact us with a picture and we’ll refund you 100% no questions asked. 


Because we want you to have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of these natural flowers in your very own water garden. 

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I am incredibly excited for you to have the opportunity to share this pleasure of waking up to a beautiful elegant water garden wherever you are. Life here in Singapore is extremely stressful, maybe you’re working and you’re busy,  or maybe you’re not a guy with green thumbs, but I’m sure we all appreciate a little bit of nature here and there. 

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