The Best Garden Plant - Water Lilies

The Best Garden Plant? The Water Lily.
The Best Garden Plant? The Water Lily.

What makes the Water Lily (Nymphaeaceae) the best garden plant? Well, first we have to define what we mean by the BEST garden plant.

What qualifies as the best? How do we determine what the best garden plant should be? Is there a checklist to identify the best garden plant? What type of garden are we referring to anyway?

Are Water Lilies even considered Garden Plants?

By definition, a garden would constitute any piece of land or ground adjoining a house, in which grass, flowers and shrubs may be grown. The water lily is an enchanting and beautiful flower that grows in shallow still waters and is most suited for life in a large lake or pond. However, with the Pond in a Pot, water lilies and other smaller aquatic plants can be conveniently placed in between other neighboring shrubs and bushes without the need for a large pond – qualifying its role as a garden plant.

This dynamic nature of the water lily and its hardiness as a species allows for it to be the best type of garden plant available to anyone looking to spice up their backyard garden with a little exotic taste. 

The Best Argument for the Best Garden Plant

Now with no further ado, let us go over the number one reason why Our First Floor Family knows the water lily makes for the best garden plant and why you should own one too, especially the Purple Tropical Water Lily.

Encourages Wildlife and Animal Habitation
Koi Pond
A Garden Pond with a Koi and a Frog
Introduces Water Bodies and a Drinking Water Source

By adding water lilies into your garden, you will also be adding a small pond or water body to grow the flowers. These introduce water bodies and water features into your backyard garden which could add some diversity amongst all the land plants. 

More importantly, by adding small bodies of water into your backyard garden, you allow the possibility of rearing some small fishes and attracting other types of wildlife into your gardens such as sparrows and hummingbirds. The addition of livebearers such as Mosquitofish and Red Platies into the waters will help curb any mosquito breeding issues. The nearby drinking water source could also encourage various species of birds to set up camp within your garden and to start building a nearby nest.

The addition of a small Pond in a Pot will encourage potential frog habitation as well as provide a drinking water source for all other nearby creatures and critters. Imagine coming home not only to a beautiful garden filled with beautiful flora and fauna but also teeming wildlife within the area. Even if you are not a big fan of frogs, a small turtle could also take up residence within the small pond set up within the garden.

A Fairy-tale Garden teeming with Wildlife?

The addition of water lilies into the garden will allow for all of these to happen since there has to be a small body of water for these water lilies to grow. Anything from a small constructed pond, to a Pond in a Pot or even a large container filled with water, is more than enough to attract the desired wildlife seen in fairytale gardens. After all, I am sure we all would like to have a miniature version of the botanical gardens just within an arms reach.

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